A Unique latex based product that is flexible, durable and non-toxic, which can be used to waterproof / damp proof your flat roof, corrugated / IBR metal roof asbestos and tiled roofs, parapet walls, fish ponds and so much more.

With great service along with our unique product, we confidently offer a 10 year guarantee that your roof will not leak, deteriorate, crack or fade.

This product is non-toxic, uv resistant, rust preventative, durable and available in almost any colour.

Interior & exterior painting

We provide exceptional quality interior and exterior painting service to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors along with schools, churches, hospitals and shopping centres with highly trained and quality driven painting teams.

General maintenance

We can sort out all the things around your home or office that you just never have time for. Whether it is a light fitting, plug or broken gutters. We can take care of it all.

Small to medium new projects

Whether it is turning the dry patch in your back yard into a recreational area or renovating your bathroom, we can handle it all for you.